HRL's Model for Open Innovation

HRL is making available corporate research and development services to select customers. Open Innovation customers collaborate with HRL to:

  • Quickly demonstrate a technical concept by leveraging a mature R&D infrastructure (e.g. microfabrication, device design, test & analysis, high-performance computing) and professional staff from diverse engineering disciplines
  • Leverage HRL expertise and explore the potential of new technologies before making internal investments 
  • Access HRL’s broad and deep core competencies to pursue specific business-relevant technical challenges 
  • Evaluate a broad range of technical options in the marketplace

Benefits include:

  • Broad IP rights for our R&D customers, tailored to strategic and business needs, focused on enabling business end-goals 
  • Primary activities focused on developing foreground IP; Selective background IP licensing available as a means to accelerate technology transition from R&D to production

Expertise of highly skilled researchers with broad experience in facilities that include:

  • Government and commercial contracts (prime and subcontractor)
  • DoD/NSA Trusted Foundry
  • 250,000 square-feet of lab space including a 10,000-square-foot Class 10 clean room
  • Located on 72 acres in Malibu, California

For inquiries, contact innovation[at]